The real people in my new book

Testimony of the Infant Children, the Untold Story

List of attorneys, judges and special referee:
W. Brantley Harvey, Sr., Beaufort attorney for my father,
John S. Graves, Jr.
Julian S. Levin, Beaufort attorney for my mother,
Florence Rubert Graves.
Basil W. Hall, Beaufort attorney for my mother,
Florence Rubert Graves.
J. M. Moorer, Walterboro attorney, appointed by Judge Johnson
as Special Referee.
J. Henry Johnson, SC Resident Judge, 14th Judicial Circuit
(Original SC judge).
E. H. Henderson, SC Judge of the 2nd Judicial Circuit,
gave the SC judgment.
Francis Burch, Philadelphia judge, gave the Pennsylvania

Witnesses for the Petitioner, the First
(Witnesses are listed in their order of appearance.)
John Samuel Graves, Jr. (my father)
Mr. Dan Heyward, Mayor of Bluffton.
Mr. Eddie Heyward, neighbor.
Mr. W. W. Niver, neighbor and friend.
Mr. J. C. Haile, repaired outboard motors for my father.
Mr. H. O. Lowden, town resident and friend.
Mr. H. E. McCracken, Superintendent of Bluffton Schools, married Jane and George Guilford’s granddaughter, Naomi.
Mrs. Gaillard Heyward, neighbor and friend.
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Heyward, neighbor and friend.
Queenie Jenkins, Daddy’s cook and housemaid. Queenie had a lot to do with rearing my brothers and me. We loved her dearly.
Mrs. John Cantrell, next door neighbor. Her husband brought telephones to Bluffton.
Mr. Charles J. Getsinger (my father’s brother-in-law. He assisted in kidnapping my brothers and me. He was married to Cora Jane Graves, my father’s sister.)
Mrs. Woodrow Graves (Elsie), wife of Woodrow Graves, my father’s brother. (She also participated in the kidnapping.)
Colonel Charles J. Colcock (by affidavit)

Witnesses for the Respondent, the First
Reverend George Haynsworth, mother’s Episcopal Priest.
Mrs. Charles Perry, Episcopal Church member and friend.
Mrs. deSaussure Pinckney, Episcopal Church organist and music teacher.
Mrs. Lois McGarvey, church worker and my father’s second cousin.

Witnesses for the Respondent, the Second
Mrs. Florence Rubert Graves, my mother
Mrs. Harriett Inez Cadugan, my mother’s grandmother and mother of her mother, Florence Inez Cadugan Rubert. We always called her “Nanny.” See her letter to my father in the Appendix.

Witnesses for the the Respondent, the Third
Mrs. Heyward Graves
Mr. Heyward Graves
Mr. Oscar Davis
, one of Mother’s close friends in Savannah.
Mrs. Oscar Davis, another of Mother’s close Savannah friends.
Florence Rubert Graves, recalled.

Witnesses for the the Petitioner, the Third
Reference, continued in Bluffton:
Mrs. John Samuel Graves, Sr. (My father’s mother)

Testimony of the Infant Children:
John Samuel Graves III
Gerald Beekman Graves

The Reference Closes:
Testimony of Louisa Simmons, daughter of R. T. Wilson (by affidavit)
Mrs. Oscar Davis, recalled.

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