The Peeples Family

A Gullah Psalm, The Musical Life and Work of Luke Peeples, by Estella Saussy Nussbaum and Jeanne Saussy Wright, just published in 2014 is now available at The Heyward House in Bluffton, SC; The Discovery Museum on Hilton Head Island; Shavers Bookstore and The Cottage Shop in Savannah, GA. Email inquiries can be directed to

Luke Peeples, (1906-1994) the Bluffton composer and first cousin of John Samuel Graves, Jr., produced many musical compositions, including spirituals, hymns, piano solos and other songs. His efforts to record and arrange local Negro Spirituals will stand as a lasting and important contribution to the preservation and appreciation of these works. His music has just been edited by J. S. Graves and published by LPcollections, LLC under the titles of The Complete Works of Luke Peeples, Volumes One and Two. Please visit for more information or contact  jsaussy@seaboltbrokers.comYou may also contact the publisher at J. S. Graves has just completed editing Simplified Accompaniments for the Lowcountry Spirituals of Luke Peeples, a supplement to the two volumes mentioned above. Please contact him for more details using the contact page of this website.

Many of the short stories of Luke’s brother, Andrew Peeples, are viewable on this website. Click on the Bluffton Boy tab. Both men were the grandchildren of George and Jane Guilford. George Guilford was the first mayor of Bluffton after its incorporation in 1903, and the builder of the Graves House. Click on the History and Articles tabs above for more information.

Luke and Andrew Peeples’ mother, Maud Guilford Peeples, and John Samuel Graves, Jr.’s mother, Cora Jane Guilford Graves,  were sisters, children of George and Jane Guilford. See the History and Articles links on this site for more information.

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