The Graves House, 85 Calhoun St., Bluffton, SC., has been listed as a “contributing structure” in the Bluffton Old Town Historic Preservation District since 1996 and placed on the National Register of South Carolina. After the death in 2009 of my aunt, Mary Elizabeth Graves, the last Graves to reside in the Graves House, the home was sold with the clear understanding that it could not be destroyed.

                Mary Elizabeth Graves, 1921-2009

       Graveshouse.org was developed and mounted in 2011 as a protest when the new owners successfully managed to have the house’s legal protection destroyed. Fortunately, members of Bluffton’s United Methodist Church stepped up and made an heroic effort to preserve and restore the home–even after it had been condemned.

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County Land Data as of July 31, 2012:

Parcel #1 – R610 039 00A 0103 0000 (Graves House on .38 acres)

Parcel #2 – R610 039 00A 0351 0000 (Now Vacant Property of .15 acres)

A National Register of Historic Places Contributing Structure