Bluffton Boy

The writings of Andrew Peeples

The copyrights to all the writings of Andrew Peeples are held by his daughter, Mildred Peeples Pemberton, whether or not they were included in the collection of stories in the book, The Bluffton Boy.

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Preface to Bluffton Boy Postings

Copyright Information

Introduction and Contents

I Remember Papa

Grandpa Guilford’s Horseless Buggy

Those Torturous English Cuts

The “Chucklehead

The Big Race

The Bullies

Bluffton Boy Learns a Lesson

Grandpa’s Strange Behavior

Bluffton Boy Grows Up

Forbidden Fruit

The Orator

A Little Bit of Goodness

Miss Susie’s Big Bad Dog

Bootleg Cove

Moment of Panic

Beautiful Bluffton

Other stories by Andrew Peeples (Notice that there are 2 articles about the Good Shepherd Monastery):

An Unforgettable Character

The Good Old Days

A Gift for Little Jesus

An Episcopal Monastery (1947) (The first of 2 articles written about the Good Shepherd Monastery)

Praying Without Ceasing (1959) (The second article about the monastery.)

Man with a Mission 

A Boston Boy in Bluffton

A Gift for Stan Motyka

Peeples’ Progress

Fleeing The Fever

Mud Money in the Devil’s Elbow

A National Register of Historic Places Contributing Structure